LABboards were borne out of extensive on-site laboratory observations and professional feedback.  The boards are made from heavy duty scalpel-friendly paperboard, printed with helpful metric measurements and coated with a fluid-resistant polyethylene   barrier. LABboards are the premier disposable laboratory cutting surface for busy professionals. 

LABboards are available in three sizes to accommodate small biopsies to large gross anatomy procedures. Ask about our personalized Research & Development service.  We will work with you to create a LABboards disposable work surface for your specific needs.

LABboards are useful in:

1d Pathology Labs
1d Medical Schools
1d Forensic Labs

1d Medical Research Labs

1d Pharmaceutical Labs
1d Surgery



Sides Can Be Folded-up to Contain Fluids

Fold Up Sides

The Best Practice Standard


NOTE: BLUE lines in the images below show the location of the unprinted score lines for the foldable sides.

9" x 12"
Smaller Biopsy and Grossing Boards

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Product # 0912A

Standard Features on Disposable Biopsy and Grossing LABboards

Heavy-duty patented SBS paperboard
l Liquid resistant polyethylene coating
l Scalpel friendly cutting surface
l Scored perimeter allows sides to be
folded up for fluid containment
l Metric perimeter rulers
l Metric sizing circles
l Centimeter field grid
l Validated for most sterilization
methods (except autoclave)
l 50-count packs


12" x 18"
Larger Tissue Processing & Grossing Boards

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1Product # 1218A1


18" x 24"
Organ Recovery & Autopsy Grossing Boards

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1Product # 1824A1